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Market Snapshot
Quotes retrieved on July 23, 2017, 03:31:33 PM CDT
Cotton -

Cotton futures closed Friday trade with losses of 40 to 56 points, despite the US dollar dropping 332 points to the lowest in over a year. The

Cotton -

Cotton futures are mostly 42 to 84 points lower on Friday, even as the US Dollar continues to decline. The Cotlook A index for July 20 was at 84.20

Cotton -

Cotton futures are 70 to 80 points lower this morning, erasing gains of 54 to 87 points from Thursday. The US dollar was 520 points lower yesterday,

Cotton -

Cotton futures were 54 to 87 points higher on the day, as the US dollar was ….. points lower. The Cotlook A index for July 19 was at 84.20

Cotton -

Cotton futures are trading 49 to 89 points higher, as the US dollar is posting losses of 550 points at the moment. The Cotlook A index for July 19

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